Metastasizes to the liver less often than rectal adenocarcinoma. It is a sign of advanced disease (stage iv) and would be treated most likely with chemotherapy. If the disease were only in the liver, liver directed therapy could be considered. buy generic viagra This would include radiation, treatment with radioactive spheres (sir-spheres), surgery etc. can i buy viagra at cvs Q : 3 07/27/2010 have you ever heard of a patient having a mass after anal cancer treatment (chemo and radiation) that is just scar tissue, as opposed to recurrence of the cancer? Absolutely. The cancer can be replaced by a scar. If it would grow again or persist unchanged after many months, it should be biopsied to rule out recurrence. Q : 4 09/01/2009 is it possible to complete chemo and radition for anal cancer and within a week have new growth in the same spot? I thought chemo stays in your body for 8 weeks. viagra without prescription It would be very unlikely for an anal cancer to appear in the radiation field that soon. viagra drug mechanism It usually takes weeks for the anal cancer to respond to chemotherapy and radiation. buy viagra What has appeared might be an ulcer or condylomata, which represent a papilloma virus infection or just hemorrhoids. Reappearance of the cancer would be serious and might need surgery to resolve. viagra generic Q : 5 01/15/2009 my brother was diagnosed with stage 2 and stage 3 anal cancer. He previously had radiation for testicular cancer and was therefore told that radiation is not an option for treatment of his anal cancer. He is in good health and physically fit. What other treatment options does he have? best prices for viagra in canada He needs to have surgery followed by chemotherapy and i would encourage him to get treated as soon as possible. number viagra users If he chooses, he can self refer to our cancer center. generic viagra online The role of radiation could be reconsidered, if documentation from his original radiation is available for our review. I would be happy to see him in consult and arrange the next steps. viagra women study Q : 6 10/02/2008 i'm a 42 year-old male, hiv postive, and i have re-current anal cancer. I am overall healthy and have a good immune system. I underwent radiation and chemo in 02/07 and after the local surgery removal of the local areal cancer (it was not on the anus), it has reappeared in the same area. I have looked at treatment options (my doctors have not su. vision issues with viagra
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